Birthday is only once a year, an a vacation in Barcelona is even rarer. We know how to organize an unforgettable birthday for your significant other in the capital of Catalonia.
As the official numbers say and our clients prove, many people combine a vacation with an important date, such as birthday. Some decide to attend the legendary Barca football game at the not less legendary Camp Nou stadium, others prefer walking around, relaxing at the beach or clubbing. Parents bring their children to the biggest Aquarium in Europe, or the theme parks that include aqua park, zoo and extreme rides.
There is so much to see in Catalonia, but it is important not to lose the festive atmosphere: not everyone can invite all the friends and family, and even if you travel with your family or friends it is not easy to organize a good party in the city you have never been to. Especially if you want it to be a surprise. In search for something special and fun people ask on forums and travel blogs to recommend "where to spend birthday in Barcelona". Well, our recommendations are ready!
We organize unique and unforgettable birthday flash mob surprises. We have all you need: actors, banners, champagne, candles, balloons and cakes. A birthday in the city you don't know can be fun, and totally unexpected for the birthday person! Contact us and you won't have to worry about anything.
All you need for an ideal birthday surprise is Barcelona and our team! You won't have to talk to any local companies which is hard if you don't speak Spanish. It's not easy to plan and organize everything on your own. How are you going to keep the cake and the balloons secret from the birthday person? Let us help you!
We guarantee perfect quality and punctuality. All the members of our team are qualified specialists who have been working with us for a long time. Relax, we keep everything from A to Z in our hands!
Imagine, you are walking around Barcelona with the birthday person, and suddenly you are at the middle of a party! In Barcelona! In your own language! Has your friend ever imagined such a surprise? Isn't it great?
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Surprise delivery of flowers, balloons and champagne
Surprise delivery of flowers and champagne + Live guitar
Street Flash Mob Surprise (3 people) + Flowers + Champagne
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Street Flash Mob Surprise (3-5 people) + Live music + Photographer + Flowers + Champagne
Rooftop dinner + Flowers
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